Sunday, March 13, 2005

We might be seeing a lot more from IMAX...

Imax Posts Stronger Quarter, Forecast; Stock Jumps
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"The Mississauga, Ontario-based firm, which is run largely from New York, signed contracts for 36 theater systems in 2004, better than its forecast of 30 to 35 signings and its highest figure since 1999. It recognized revenue on 22 theater systems.
Imax said 22 of the contract signings were for its smaller MPX systems, which are designed to attract exhibitors that cannot accommodate its regular theaters, which have screens up to eight storeys high."
I wonder why people would feel the need to aggressively take on IMAX theaters. The content that they can accomodate just isn't up to par. But I guess more IMAXes being around might fix that. And of course the following...
"Imax has announced plans to release three Hollywood films converted to the Imax format: "Robots" on March 11, "Batman Begins" on June 17 and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on July 15."
I wonder if the digital projectors will be able to handle IMAX fidelity. That would help them out a lot.


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