Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dinner and a Movie Joints

Dinner and a movie Cinema pubs offer meals, drinks and films
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"Now, they're getting more popular, and many are showing newer films. As of 1997, just 14 first-run theaters in the country served alcohol.

Today, the figure is up to 270, said Kozak, whose organization counts among its members the owners of more than 29,000 of the roughly 36,000 to 37,000 screens in the nation."
An interesting point of comparison for all those thinking about opening up restaurant movie theater combos.

Even more interesting is this bit of distribution leverage.
"The earliest first-run cinema pubs tended to be outside major cities, in part because distributors wouldn't include theaters that served alcohol in initial film releases if they had competition. That's been changing, Kozak said. But in New England, most cinema pubs are located outside urban centers."
And while they say that this is changing, perhaps this could be an in for someone who wanted to say operate a theater on a pacific island :)


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