Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Loyalty in this Business

Article: R/C Theatres to sell 7 movie houses to chain
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"'There's not a large amount of loyalty in the movie theater business,' Phillips said. 'The product is such a big part of it that the operator is not a concern.'"
A little blip on the newswire, but with a bit of scary perspective.
"Most moviegoers choose a theater based on the movies it is showing or the quality of the building, he said. Ticket prices are determined by the market and usually are standard for a location."
While this is certainly true, I don't believe that their's no loyalty in the business. Just a misunderstanding of how loyalty works. I imagine that loyalty will come to those who deserve it. Providing the things theatergoers want, will earn their loyalty. Movies are a business and relationship just like any other. Product and operator are not that separate. It's just harder for the patron to see through to the operator (see my earlier post on transparency)


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