Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Film Article |

Film Article |

"But with DVD sales of $15 billion in 2004 far surpassing U.S. box office receipts of $9.4 billion, more movie companies are rushing films through theaters and onto retail shelves to take advantage of the advertising and promotion that typically support a film's theatrical release."

More and more stories like these seem to be popping up and the market force behind them is revealed. I only hope that while studios start to think progressively at capturing an early dvd market that they don't do so at the expense of the box office by simply forgetting to use the dvds as a way to get people back in the theaters. The simplest solution to doing something like this will be to play the same set of trailers in the home video versions of dvds as they would in the theaters. And I'm sure studios won't be shy about putting those in their dvds.


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