Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Could Home Theater (equipment) be the next generation of Commercial Theater (Equipment)?

Entertainment fans build movie theaters in their homes
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"'If you go to any commercial theater and then you go to a properly done, professionally installed home theater, the home theater will absolutely blow away the commercial theater,' Rivera said."
Since I started researching speakers and home theaters in high school, this is always something that my instinct said was true. And since I first thought of operating a theater, this is an idea that I wanted to incorporate. At the time it was about providing smaller home theater installations in the multiplex that would double as show rooms for home theater vendors. But now it might just be a more affordable way to bring the highest fi-est experience to moviegoers.

The two big things it highlights are:
- While home theaters are not cheap, they're cheaper than building a multiplex
- You always get more bang for your buck out of sound.

Combine this with being strategic about screen sizes that accomplish immersive experiences (see earlier post) and you have an inexpensive way to draw a crowd of audio/videophiles and add a careful selection of movies and you have a reason for the rest to come experience it.


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