Friday, March 11, 2005

The Inherent Benefits of the Open Air Tent Combo

I was just thinking, while driving to work this morning, is that there is a fantastic and elegant efficiency to running an outdoor theater by night and tenting the place up when it's bright outside. For those keeping score, the form factor I want to apply to the theater I hope to open in Hawaii will be outdoor/open air place where the tropical breeze will be a constant reminder that not only are you watchig a fantastic movie, but you're watching it _in HAWAII_. (ala Maui Film Festival )

The problem with this setup, of course, is similar to that of a drive in. You can only show movies during the darkened night time hours. One thing that clicked with me while reading the Moxie blog (much much more on this incomparable page soon) is that movies at night are much much more popular than the daytime shows anyway. The solution I was originally thinking of was putting the whole thing under a tent (and somehow making it possible for the wind to still blow through to remind you of where you were) . The beauty of this -- that I only now realize -- is that for all practical purposes, it'll be easier and far less hassle to put up a smaller tent than a bigger one. And a smaller tent means a smaller room to manage and easier to focus on providing comfort and optimized experience for the few people who do attend the early movies. And when nighttime rolls around and the showings start to get more popular, the tent comes down and spreading out becomes possible.

It's so tantalizingly efficient. I love it!

The tent sort of set up, in any event, allows for lots of flexibility with the early movie/earlier use of the venue. At Wailea for the Maui Film Festival, it's a golf course. For us we could put in tables so people could watch while eating pastries from Martha's cafe or diaper changing stations for the ever popular mommy series for theaters. I'm sold. And I'm sure there won't be any problems getting it to pass city ordinances or selling the setup to distributors


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