Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Presidential

White House Letter: With Hollywood help, Bush keeps up on films
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"The theater has been updated over the years, but its most extensive renovation came during the made-for-Hollywood presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Then the major studios of the time - Disney, Universal, Fox, Paramount, Columbia, MGM and Warner Brothers - put up $150,000 to make sure the president watched their wares in an environment as cosseted as the screening room of an entertainment mogul."
One has to wonder, if the print that the president is getting will be keeping me from getting the one I need to show. Perhaps calling the "El Presidente" will get me preferential treatment! (I was going to go with "The Presidential" for the purposes of this post, but I decided I liked the sound of "El Presidente" better because they used to call me that back in my frat boy days -- due to my position and heritage. We were so clever)


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