Friday, March 18, 2005

Martha is the Queen of the Internet

As employees of the world's most valiant effort to organize information it seems a rather natural decision to finally start putting the tools we support (AdSense and AdWords) to some good use. I'm too lazy to do so, but Martha has never been one to shy away from tinkering with ads, and the results have been fabulous.

In spite of my protests, she added AdSense to the blog and we've already gotten some fantastic leads! Check out the following sites on outdoor movie theater systems.

Awesome? Awesome.

But on the flip side of the coin, she also started an AdWords campaign to start directing traffic for those people interested in starting movie theaters (like minded folks) to my blog! In fact if you're reading this, it's possibly how you got here (unless you got here through the other ad she put up for my name). I've already gotten a few emails from people. And I tell them exactly what this blog tells them which is to get their tails over to the Moxie. Until I'm as deep in the trenches as the Moxie folks, I'm gonna act as the supreme traffic director of the world and hopefully make some friends along the way. Be my friend!


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