Sunday, March 13, 2005

$10 bucks ain't so bad!

India, U.S. Moviegoers Pay Least -New Costs Index
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"Moviegoers in India and the United States pay the least to see their favorite films, according to a new index that seeks to present a global picture of the comparative cost of entertainment.

Indians need to work just 16 minutes and Americans 24 to afford the price of a typical ticket to the movies in their respective countries compared with 35 minutes for Britons, 48 for Japanese and 123 for Bulgarians, who rank lowest on the Cinema Index from market researcher Screen Digest."
I always knew going to The Metreon was a bargain and a half! Seriously, this is pretty sweet. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that my particular San Francisco ticket price isn't what they're using as their average, it's nice to see that film entertainment is more available to Americans than to anyone else except India. Until they take all of our jobs. Can they outsource our theater staffing needs? I think I've been blogging long enough to earn a trip to the movies!


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