Monday, March 14, 2005

Digital Installation? Pocket Change!

Digital Film Creates New Buzz at ShoWest
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"Everyone agrees, however, the cost of installing systems is decreasing. At a deployment of 1,000 systems, the expense is now put at $75,000 to $85,000 per movie screen, said several sources. That is down from well over $100,000 last year."
This keeps getting better. 75K is almost something I can save up my own cash for. I wonder if there's room for it in the moxie budget. The report out of Showest is really exciting (I recommend you check this article out).

"Hollywood's studios are pushing digital cinema because it can shave millions of dollars off their distribution costs.

Theater owners are being told the computer networks that store and play movies from digital files can boost revenues by quickly reprograming screens to hits from flops, showing music concerts via satellite, displaying advertising and ushering in a new wave of three-dimensional movies."

Nice to see I'm on the same page as these guys.

"Doug Darrow, business manager for Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema group, said such a roll-out could begin by 2005's end, but Fithian said 2006 or 2007 is a more likely time frame."

Which sounds a lot like the caution displayed by the DCI guy in an earlier post here. Caution is good, but I think an eager market (on both the production and consumption side) will push this along as fast as it can go.


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