Monday, March 14, 2005

Digital Distribution ... German Style

T-Systems Launches one-of-a-kind, end to end Digital Cinema Distribution System
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Does anybody talk about anything other than Digital Cinema these day? These stories keep rolling in, and I'm inclined to get excited. Jumping on the bandwagon if you will. Although if you consider that I built the bandwagon and have been riding it for a long time, I'm an old timey jumper.
"The T-Systems solution, which connects U.S. studios with European theatres and filmmakers shooting in Europe with U.S. producers, includes a secure Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network linking Los Angeles and Germany, the German- based play-out center called Digital Cinema Factory and the in-theatre server. It also incorporates the Texas Instruments CineLink™ security management and the CineCanvas™ image management systems. The in-theatre server is compatible with all 2K DLP™ projectors currently on the market. Rounding out the system is the ASTRA European satellite service.

Executives will demonstrate the T-Systems solution. They will explain the T-Systems products and process, as well as reveal how their "Net Key" card anti-piracy solution, which is server, theatre, screen and time and date specific, solves content owner security concerns. "
Of particular relevance is the info regarding the security. It puts into perspective what sorts of controls the distributors will be able to place on films. These are things to consider when negotiating contracts. Additionally it looks like there will be a strong way to link a pirated film to it's source theater and a way to incentivize theater owners to crack down on pirates. I.E. Stop the camcorders or you won't get the movies.


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