Sunday, July 17, 2005

Comparison Shopping

In a theater near you: the box-office blues
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"The grand total for a family night out could wind up costing as much as a month of cable and Internet access."
A couple of comparisons:

One night out at the movies for a family of 4 = One month of Cable and Internet access
One night out to the movies for a couple = A month worth of dvd rentals via NetFlix

At some point it has to start making more business sense to drop the price of some part of this equation so that people will still want to come. The article also points out that
"As long as there are unmated members of the species," said former Sony Pictures Entertainment President Mel Harris, "people will still go to the movies."
Maybe it should just be cheaper/easier for them. I guess that's what Loew's Click at a Flick is about...


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