Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Desperate Last Words

Martha pointed out to me that my last few couple of posts were either a little silly or not very meaty. Since I recently solicited the girls responsible for Boulevard Theaters in Petaluma, I desperately wanted to put up some good content to impress them, and hopefully keep them coming back and giving me their valuable input.

Unfortunately, however, time has caught up with me in the worst way, and I'm barely squeezing in all the work I need to finish before we head off to Maui for the Maui Film Festival (where I won't have a computer and probably won't be able to blog).

So if you girls are reading this, I promise I had all sorts of very current, very relevant, and very interesting things for you to read, I just couldn't manufacture the time...

But they'll all be here when I come back from vacation!

And I'll even throw in some more detail about what this blog's purpose is, since I was feeling a little shy when I was actually in Petaluma and didn't do a great job of describing it. Until then, I'm off to Maui!


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