Thursday, June 02, 2005

Where the Experts at?

Star power
The new 'Star Wars' smashes box-office records across the nation. Local theater managers are thrilled by the huge and enthusiastic crowds.

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"Some industry analysts have forecast the demise of blockbusters, saying fans would rather wait for the DVD to come out than stand in long lines for expensive tickets.

But local theater owners, like Saunders of MoviE-town, say the problem is more basic: bad movies.

“You just never know what the studios are going to put out,” said Saunders, who has owned the theater since 1999.

“It’s not a reflection of the (state of the) industry; if you put out a bad movie, nobody’s going to come.”"
I was reading this fantastic article about IDEO -- and how they're becoming the model for the modern business consulting firm -- recently and it was discouraging how little the corporate entities that drive the production of goods for thousands of people actually know about us. So one has to wonder, what are these industry analysts doing with all of their time, why are they so wrong and why can't their credibility somehow be taken away. I suppose the only question (of those three) that is of any relevance is really the last one. Why theater owners' opinions carry seemingly less weight than unnamed and unspecified analysts is an unfortunate flaw of the journalistic system. Or perhaps more basically, a flaw in the way humans apply biases. Someone should do something to properly balance the public perception of in-the-trenches experts as opposed to so called, macro level "experts". It needs to be communicated that while these analysts probabaly have the benefit of a widened scope, along with that naturally comes the disadvantage of being much further away from the actual issues.

I, for one, believe the theater managers :)


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