Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back In the Saddle

To anyone reading, I want to dedicate this post to apologizing from staying away from posting for the last couple of weeks. My absence might not have affected your daily life much, but I want to say this anyway, because it means a lot to me that people consider my thoughts and share my interests. Lately I've been receiving a lot of great feedback about my posts and I wanted to express how excited I have been about it.

A number of things have gotten in the way of me posting recently (my birthday and the related festivities, going to San Francisco Film Festival movies all day and night, unprecedented productivity at work, etc) but the feedback, backlog of thoughts and articles to read have all become too much and I'm bursting with material!

So now onto the onslaught of posts. Keep the feedback coming. And my sincerest thanks for reading :)


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