Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Alameda frets over cozy cinema

Alameda frets over cozy cinema: "Haskett pointed out the error to city officials, who switched tactics. Now it was fire code violations. Haskett figured city officials were determined to shut him down, using whatever violation they could think of. And none of the city's haranguing made sense to him until a city staffer let one little fact slip out.
Alameda city officials have entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with another cinema operator to renovate a historic movie house and expand it into a multiscreen movie house near Park Street, in one of the city's redevelopment areas. Assistant City Manager Paul Benoit said Thursday that the redevelopment plan was not at all linked to issues between the city and Haskett. "

How are city officials so dirty sometimes :) Well they claim they're not, but here are some potential things that await me in trying to open a business much like this one. I love this guy's style! He used craigslist to buy his couches!!!!


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