Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Immersive Screens...

...or rather the conditions necessary to create an immersive visual experience is something I should research if I get the chance. I'm sure this has been studied before, and probably has some useful things to know about what is actually required to get a movie theater experience, what is too much, and what falls short.

This is something that would be especially useful in comparing the costs of small theater/less expensive projectors/more variety of screening as an option for a microtheater type of operation. I'd like to find out how far away one can sit, how many seats are optimal and what sorts (and costs) of projectors throw images big enough. Something I should ask for is a price list of traditional equipment from a vendor.

I'm guessing smaller theaters based on less powerful digital projectors are a very viable reality, considering how much more powerful sound can be in creating a theater experience.


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