Friday, February 04, 2005

Sony slinging 'Spidey 2' in 4K resolution

Sony slinging 'Spidey 2' in 4K resolution:

This get's me all excited. I found the most interesting parts of the article to be these technical tidbits.

"The 'Spider-Man 2' d-cinema master is 9.6 terabytes, pulled from a working total of 40-50 TBs of footage created during the filmmaking process. The film will be projected uncompressed from a master server -- in this case, the Silicon Graphics Onyx advanced visualization and SGI InfiniteStorage RM660 storage systems.

'We don't have the time to compress to the (DCI-compliant) JPEG2000 specification,' Barton said. 'For our next tests we will be looking at hours and hours of pictures compressed and uncompressed. Our main focus is showing that we have a digital system in place that has the ability to show better than a 35mm answer print.'"


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