Thursday, September 01, 2005

Petaluma Part Two

Local movie theater thrives despite nationwide slump
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In case anyone was wondering what has been happening with the theater those 7 teenage girls started in Petaluma.
"Theater revenues fell below last year's totals for 19 straight weeks, during which they declined by roughly 8 percent, a highly unusual phenomenon for the industry. Corkill's theaters fared better, although overall he reported a slight slip.

"We're still paying the bills and making a slight profit," he said.

The 12-screen Boulevard Cinemas opened on May 17, so it hasn't had a enough history for any long-term trends to emerge. Corkill is pleased with the turnout so far, though.

"Boulevard Cinemas is doing fine, as well as I thought it would. During the first month or two, many people came just to check the theater out, but we've had regular customers week after week. They're coming from a lot of places besides Petaluma, such as Marin County and western Sonoma County, and we expect this to happen even more," he said."


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