Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Local Movie Theaters Website

I was mulling over the usefulness of the theater reviews on the HollyG and I's blog and figured that once our little project was complete, that it would be great for anyone interested in seeing a movie in the city. Aside from the personal notes I like to take about the atmosphere of each theater, there is some very real, very relevant information that other city dwellers could use when engaging in a movie going evening. Things like the decorations on the wall or periodicals they distribute might not be of interest to most people. BUT things like parking, or theater size, definitely are.

So it seems like a "google local" like page that can position all the theaters on a map and include the same sort of relevant information that google local provides should exist. I suppose in theory, we're working on having it here at google. We're not there yet, however.

So I wonder, since these interests intersect with my own project, if it would be a worthwhile undertaking to create this page. I don't really have the webdesign skill to do what I propose, but I certainly have the ability to collect all the information and the background to organize the information and present it via some database.

So if anyone ever reads this and has some interest in this project, I do as well. And I'd be happy to work with you.

In the meantime, for my own sake, I figure I may list the information that would be relevant for someone who wants to go to a movie in the city.

-Ticket Prices
-Matinee Time
-Food available around the theater
-Public Transportation to the theater
-Online ticketing links
-Group/Company that the theater belongs to
-number of theaters
-size and description of the accomodations
-technical evaluations of picture and sound quality
-location on a map
-ability to get theaters a certain radius from a given location
-up to date status of ticket soldoutness


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