Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Closed Theaters in Hawaii


Golden Harvest Theatre

Honolulu, HI

The last of the Hawaiian ethnic movie theatres was sold to make way for a Christian Broadcasting center. The Golden Harvest was a twin theatre located on Smith Street near Beretania Street. The theatre opened in 1981and closed in 1995 after the operator, Golden Reserves Hawaii LTD's lease expired. The theatre largely ran Chinese language movies and martial arts films. While the Golden Harvest did well initially, it struggled in the last two years.
The theatre's closing marked an end of an era for ethnic movies in Hawaii, an era that included the Japanese language Toya and Nippon Theatres, the Filipino language Zamboango Theatre, and the Chinese language Liberty Theatre. All of those theatres no longer exist.
Contributed by Chuck Van Bibber

Hawaii Cinerama
Honolulu, HI

Situated just outside the Waikiki area, this theater was Honolulu's oldest operating movie house and one of its few remaining single screen palaces.The Cinerama theater was actually constructed in 1929 and opened as the New Pawaa, with a beautifully atmospheric Spanish-style interior. The theater was overhauled in 1962 and renamed the Cinerama Theater.Through the 90's, the Cinerama continued to be a haven for classic and second run films. However, with profitability hard to come by, the theater was closed in 1999, bringing an end to a grand chapter in Hawaii's cinematic history.The former Hawaii Cinerama, the theater that delighted millions, is now an auto parts store.
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Contributed by Ross Melnick

Waikiki 3
Honolulu, HI

What is now the Waikiki 3 Theatre opened in 1936 as a single screen atmospheric theater. It was complete with (among other things) an artificial rainbow, tropical vegetation and coconut trees. Artificial clouds were also projected on a midnight-blue curved ceiling. The theatre was originally named the Waikiki Theatre with the change in name (to Waikiki Theatre #3) occurring in 1969 when the Waikiki Theatres #1 and #2 opened.There has never been any physical connection between the buildings. The Waikiki 3 remains a single screen facility. The photo that's showing in this listing is of the Waikiki 1 and 2.This theater closed in November 2002, and has had its grand organ removed. According to March Warner, "It is SADLY scheduled for demolition unless something can be done to stop this."
Contributed by Richard Peterson, March Warner


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